Genex HIS

Supporting Modules

9. Insurance and corporate clients
  • Tracking status of the claims as Preauthorized, Claim rejected,Claim settled etc.
  • Generate Pre-authorization & Claim Forms of different TPA’s using customizable templates.
  • Option to view receivables from Insurance Companies on a real time basis.
  • Tracking receipts and TDS details of Claim Settlements.
10. Pathology and pathology equipment integration
  • Define Business Partner (Outside Lab)
  • Test ID & Type Creation (Blood, Urine etc)
  • Test Paramenter Create with reference values
  • Test Output type Creation (Parametric / Descriptive)
  • Test Type - ID - Parameter Configuration
  • Test Output Configuration - Lab Group and Printing
  • Sample Processing - Accept and Create WO, Create Barcodes
  • Data integration to Patho Equipment
  • Descriptive Test Template Creation - Multiple templates for one test
  • Approver Level Maintenance
  • Approver Configuration by test
11. Blood bank
  • Blood Bank User,Role,Definitions,Components Definition
  • Donor Registration.
  • Detailed Donor and Recipient database.
  • Voluntary and Replacement donor category.
  • Blood Screening
  • Cross Matching
  • Maintain Inventory of blank Blood bags, Consumables, Test kits etc.
  • Advance search for Donor by Blood Group, Sex, City, Telephone Nos.
  • Reports related to donor, Recipient, Inventory etc.
  • Inventory of untested and tested lot.
  • Tracking Expiry due dates.
  • Discard register with Reason, Issue register with recipient and issue
  • Details, Master register with both donor and issue details, Cross Matching and Grouping Registers.
12. Pharmacy
  • Facilitates Pharmacy billing and cashier operations for different categories of patients.
  • Handle sales return from customers.
  • Pharmacy Inventory management.
  • Make Purchase Invoice entry for items, along with Supplier details for direct purchase.
  • Generate indents to request items from main store.
  • Handles multiple Pharmacy billing sections with separate user access.
  • View list of expired items and items due for expiry.
  • Alerts when item quantity falls below minimum level.
  • Handles return of items to Supplier.
  • Issue items based on First In First Out method.
  • Search bills based on Patient Name/Register Number.
  • Linked to Billing module - Pharmacy Bills are automatically transferred to IPD patient account.
  • Generates reports for Stock-in-Hand, Margin Analysis, Slow-Moving Products, Stock Movement etc.
13. CMO
14. IVF
15. Radiology
16. Custom workflows
17. Analytic’s